Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arise Virtual Solutions a member of the Better Business Bureau?


Since 2005, Arise has been A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and has been featured on many national news segments including CBS News, Lifetime Network, The Today Show, and CNN to name a few. Arise has earned numerous awards including Outstanding Minority Business of the Year, Business Intelligence Group’s 2013 Green Company of the Year and Call Center Magazine Product of the Year Award.

Do I have to be a legal resident of the United States?


Arise requires that all Independent Business Owner and their Client Support Professionals be at least 18 years old and legally reside in the United States. Please note that the States of California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin are closed for sourcing purposes. Arise also has projects for vendors located in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Do you offer Spanish or French customer service opportunities?


We offer Spanish and French customer service opportunities. The certification course is taught in English but the calls that agents receive when servicing will be in Spanish or French.

What is the minimum age requirement for this opportunity?

Must be 18.

What are the educational requirements of this opportunity?

There are no educational qualifications required for this opportunity. However, agents must have customer service experience, preferably call center experience. Agents must be comfortable with speaking with customers WHILE entering information into the the system. Must be comfortable working with computers.

The keys to the success of an agent are as follows:

Must be comfortable working with entry, checking emails, communicating in a chat room, and following any specific directions to be carried out on the computer.

Customer service or call center experience

Great communication skills

Self motivated

Professional and capable of providing a high level of service

Positive and optimistic

Punctual and dependable

Able to speak with customers in a professional manner while entering information into the system

Excellent typing skills

Great problem solver

Detailed oriented

Must be fluent in English...even for bilingual opportunities due to training is conducted in English

Do I have to incorporate to become a work from home agent?


If agents join a business currently partnered with Arise, agents will not be required to incorporate. Wright's Virtual Services LLC is partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions. Incorporating will require agents to establish their EIN, Articles of Organization, state filing fees, register with federal, state and local tax divisions, open a business checking account and more. If agents are not interested in incorporating but would like to work at home as a customer service professional, you will need to join a pre existing incorporated IBO that is partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions. Wright's Virtual Services LLC is partnered with the Arise Virtual Solutions network. By completing the 3 steps on the Call Center Registration Process page, you can join Wright's Virtual Services LLC. which is a pre existing incorporated IBO (Independent Business Owner).

Will I have support when I join Wright's Virtual Services LLC.?


We want agents to be successful! At Wright's Virtual Services our main goal is to provide you with a great opportunity to work from home. We will provide the information that you need to become a successful agent. We take pride in helping our CSP's create a long lasting opportunity as a work from home agent.

(CSP - Client Support Professional...another term for Agent)

Please reach out to us with any questions. Our current turnaround time for agent questions/responses is 24 hrs.

We will make sure all of your questions are answered. If you are ever unsure of the next step during the registration process please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions. When you are in the process of choosing a client to service and you are unsure what client to choose, please reach out to us and we will be happy to share additional information with you to help you make your decision.

When will I start earning money?

First agents will need to registration with Arise Virtual Solutions. Next, agents will choose a client to work for. Agents will submit payment for the certification class. If an agent drops the class for any reason, there are no refunds. After agents successfully complete the client certification course, agents will be able to schedule hours and earn revenue. The registration process can be completed within 1 business day. The certification course is an average of 4 weeks (class duration subject to change) depending on the company. All steps need to be successfully completed before agents are able to earn revenue.

How am I paid?

There are two pay periods per month. The first pay period is the 1st to 15th of the month. The second pay period is the 16th to the last day of the month. At the end of each pay period, you will receive an invoice emailed to you that will show you how many hours were serviced for the pay period. Arise Virtual Solutions will send the invoices to payroll indicating the amount of each CSP's pay based off of the number of intervals the agent worked for the pay period. Payroll will deposit the amount of pay as indicated on the Arise Virtual Solutions invoice (less any fees) directly into your checking or savings account on pay day.

The pay date for the pay period ending on the 15th will be on the last day of the month. The pay date for the pay period ending on the last day of the month, will be on the 15th of the following month. If the pay date falls on the weekend, the pay date will always be on the previous Friday.

How many hours can I work?

For most clients the minimum requirement is 15-20 hrs a week according to their guidelines. Each client has different servicing hrs. One client may have hours that you can work from 8am to 8pm and other clients may have hours that you can work 24hrs 7 days a week.

Why is a Background Check required and what is the impact of a criminal conviction?

Independent Businesses provide important services to Arise on client programs and Arise has a vested interest in protecting the property, safety and welfare of its employees, clients and their customers. A background check is required to confirm that each individual providing services on behalf of an Independent Business is free of disqualifying criminal convictions. Arise complies with all applicable laws related to its use of information from background checks. When evaluating this information, Arise considers all relevant factors including the bearing the criminal offense may have on the services required by the particular project.

Arise reserves the right to conduct additional background checks at any time. Should any background check report reveal that an individual has a disqualifying criminal conviction, the individual will not be permitted to provide services on the applicable client program on behalf of an Independent Business. Background checks are provided by a non-affiliated third party vendor. No fee for background check.

Please ensure that you provide complete and accurate information when completing a background check. Anyone who provides false information will be automatically disqualified and will forfeit any money paid to Arise or any of its third party vendors.

What are the certification training classes like?

There will be a training class for the client that you choose to service. You will train from home. The training is virtual training. The instructor will send you a link via email prior to the start date of your class. On the 1st day of class you will click on the link to be included into the virtual classroom with the instructor and the other class attendees. You will access this from your home computer. You do not earn pay during the training classes. Certification courses are a average of 4 weeks depending on the client. (certification could be longer or shorter depending on the client) You will be able to choose hours and earn income after you successfully complete class. The classes will prepare you to successfully service the clients. Instructors for the classes are EXCELLENT. The instructors will prepare each person with the knowledge and the comfort level needed to successfully take calls for the client. You will achieve greater success by reviewing class material daily, completing the reviews and by taking good notes daily. Most instructors will record every day of your classes and they will send you the recording link to your email. If you miss something in class, you will be able to click on the recording link after class and listen to the recording to review what you missed. There is so much help available to you during class that everyone that puts forth a dedicated effort will have opportunity to pass the course and receive your certification to service your client. There are no refunds for failed classes. Class times are usually held in the morning from 9am to 1pm EST or 10am to 2pm EST. Occasionally, a client will offer an evening training class from 6pm to 10pm EST or 7pm to 11pm EST.

There is a no absence policy that clients STRICTLY enforce. Missing even one day could possibly result in the client dropping a CSP from the certification. There are no refunds for training fees paid to CSP's that were dropped due to missing a day of class. The dates of the certification will be included with the client information on the Arise portal. If you know that you have other events scheduled during the duration of a certification course (example: a pre scheduled vacation) that would cause you to miss a day of class, please wait to choose your client during a time that you will not miss a day of class. You can also choose a different client that has a class that will have dates that you will be able to attend every day. You will have 120 days from the day that you join Virtual Service Agents LLC. to choose your client. Training costs for clients average from 29.99 to $149.00 (client training costs are subject to change). After you complete your certification and begin servicing, it is possible to make up the cost of training with your 1st check. As an independent contractor, certification costs may be tax deductible. After agents successfully pass certification, agents will be able to select hours hours, start earning money and begin your new work from home business opportunity.

Why is there a fee for the training class?


Just like a realtor or insurance broker has to pay for certification courses to become certified to sell homes or to sell insurance, the companies that Arise are partnered with require agents to successfully pass a required certification course to be able to successfully service their customers. The company that you choose to work for requires agents to pass the certification course in order to learn the material required to take calls for their company. After you successfully complete their certification course(all phases of certification), you will you will become certified to take calls for the company. All agents must adhere to the guidelines of their contract. There are no refunds once fees for certification are paid.

If you want to make money from home and you would enjoy a position that is 100% phone customer service, this position will be the perfect fit. No one that is successfully working from home on our team has let the cost of the certification stop them from achieving their goal to make money from home using the Arise Platform.

Will I have access to tech support?


Once you have access to the portal, you will have access to Arise Virtual Solutions Tech support. Tech support will be able to assist you with general tech questions regarding your chosen client. Tech support will assist you via chat and through remote access if needed.

What is expected of me as a CSP?

You will be trained to handle calls professionally. You are also expected to work the minimum number of hours required by the client of your choice. The minimum number of hours is usually 15-20 hrs a week, depending on the client. Most clients also require a weekend commitment of 5 of the minimum hours to be serviced on the weekend. CSP's are expected to handle each call as efficiently as possible. If you have questions regarding a process that is used to handle a call, please reach out for help. Each CSP will be assigned a QAPF(quality assurance performance facilitator) Your QAPF will help you to learn how to answer calls more efficiently if you need more training. Your QAPF will be assigned to you when you complete and pass your training course. QAPF's will be a great source of information to you after you finish training. You can always email your QAPF if you have questions about handling your calls. You can always schedule a meeting with your QAPF. QAPF's encourage CSP's to schedule one on one private meetings if additional help is needed.

Can CSP use a wireless network or a mobile device to service clients?


Wireless networks and mobile devices are not supported. Once an Independent Business begins servicing a certification training and while an agent is servicing, wireless connections will be prohibited. You may use a laptop that meets the requirements. Your laptop must be connected to an ethernet cord in order for it to meet the requirements. Properly connecting an ethernet cord will create a secured connection. A secured connection is required for all of Arise client programs. Ethernet cords can be purchased for under $10.

What equipment is required to become a work at home agent?

It is not mandatory to have a desktop computer. You can be a work from home agent using a laptop computer. The MUST HAVES that you will need in order to service a client are the following:

An office or a quiet environment. You will need an environment free of noise while taking calls. Any background noise such as music, television, children, dogs etc. is prohibited.

A laptop or desktop with at least a 15.6 inch screen. 17 inch screen or larger would be preferred. (no tablets or Ipads allowed)

Most of our clients will only accept a Windows 7 computer for servicing. There are some clients that now accept Windows 8 and Windows 10. When choosing your client, please check the technical requirements for that client to see which Windows version they accept. Some new CSP's have purchased inexpensive refurbished Windows 7 laptops from their local computer repair shop to service with. Inexpensive refurbished laptops can also be found online. Some CSP's have rented a Windows 7 laptop for a low monthly fee until they were ready to purchase one.(ask for more details about renting) Other CSP's have taken their Windows 8 laptops to their local computer shop to have it downgraded to Windows 7 in order to have their laptop compatible with all clients.

A call center headset. Headset can be purchased on Amazon for under $30.00. Click on the following link for more details. IMPORTANT: The call center headset does not have to be purchased immediately but it MUST be purchased BEFORE you finish the training class for the client you choose. You will need this headset in order to service the client you choose.

You will need a VOIP headset to participate in the training class. This headset MUST be purchased before day one of your certification training class. The instructor will not be able to hear you if you do not have a VOIP headset. VOIP headsets can be purchased on Amazon for under $25.00. Click on the following link for more details

You will need an additional phone line. This phone line will be the line in which you will receive phone calls from your client. This must be a land line. An additional line will cost around 10.00 to 12.00 a month depending on your phone company. The phone line must be a plain line with none of the following: call waiting, call forwarding, and no voicemail. When you call your local phone company to order your additional phone line, you must request that your phone line does not have these features.

Ethernet cord. An Ethernet cord is the cord that is required to create a hard wired connection from your laptop to the internet. Without this cord, your laptop is wireless. It is against the Arise policy to service a client or attend training using a wireless device. Your connection must be a hard wired connection. If you are servicing using a desktop computer, you will not need a ethernet cord. You can purchase an ethernet cord on Amazon for under $10.00. Click the following link for more details

An extension cord cable line wire with rj-11 plugs. This cord is what you will use to plug in from your phone service to your headset, allowing you to receive the incoming calls from your client. You can purchase the cable line wire for under $5.00

If you already have a laptop or a desktop, the additional requirements listed above can be purchased for under $100.00. That approximate total would include both required headsets, cords and your dedicated phone line. That is a very low start up cost to run your own business, and to have the flexibility of working from home and choosing your own hours. If you do not have a laptop or desktop, please reach out to us for options and suggestions on computer rentals or purchasing a refurbished computer.

NOTE: Our agents have been able to successfully service clients with the list above. It is a minimum of what every agent must have in order to service a client. There is a comprehensive list of requirements per Arise Virtual Solutions. Please refer to the link below for a comprehensive list of system requirements. Make sure to click on the link below to find out if your PC is compatible to the requirements. This link will tell you how much RAM, CPU Speed, Hard Drive details etc. that your computer will need to have in order to have the best compatibility to service the clients.


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