Call Center Registration Process

Get started in 3 simple steps!


Complete your profile.

You will need to go to the Arise Virtual Solutions website to complete your profile. ​

Click on the "Arise Virtual Solutions Website" link below. You will be directed to the correct section to start the application process.

Important Information: As of August 2019 all new agents registering to use the Arise platform will need to complete an initial background check at the registration stage - once you join my business- and before you select an opportunity. There will be a charge of $9.99 for this background check!


​IMPORTANT: While completing your profile you will be asked the following question: "Were you referred to Arise by an Independent Business Owner or current Client Support Professional?" Please select ‘Yes’ and enter CSP ID 1765163 for Iris Wright.

Note: If you are Military affiliated, make sure that you select “military” as how you heard about Arise in order to get the benefits of the Military Program.

​Next, you will choose Wright's Virtual Service LLC. as your IBO to work with

​You will see “Join the Arise Network” is now available. You will be asked either to enter your company information or “Join an existing IBO" ( IBO stands for Independent Business Owner, aka an Arise affiliated corporation). Choose “Join an Arise Affiliated Corporation” You will now be able to enter our EIN number. The EIN number you will need to enter is 824603794 and click on the magnifying glass. The corporation name “Wright's Virtual Services” should appear in the box below it.

After you choose our company as your IBO we will receive a notification to approve the 1st part of your registration. In order for you to move forward, we will need to approve you first. You can also contact us at this point if for some reason we have not received the notification. You can contact us using one of the contact methods above and we will approve you immediately.​

Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Waiver. ​​Join the Arise Network.

​After we approve the 1st part of the registration, you will receive a notification that will request you to sign the Agent Agreements. After you have completed signing the agent agreements, we will receive a notification to finalize your registration. Your registration will not be complete until we finalize your registration. Again, you can contact us at this point if for some reason we have not received the notification to finalize your registration after you have signed your agreements. You can contact us using one of the contact methods above and we will approve you immediately. Once we receive the request and we finalize your registration you will be a part of our team!

​After completing these 3 steps, we will email your welcome letter to you and get you scheduled for your New CSP orientation meeting.


You are now a part of the team! You can now begin your process of choosing the client opportunity that you would like to service. The client training courses will vary in price depending on the client. There are a variety of opportunities available.

You can view the current client opportunities from the Arise Portal. To see information about the client's requirements, click the green "Info" button to see the information for the client. Here, you will find information about the certification training start date, how many weeks the class will be, the time the class starts and ends daily, the minimum hours you are required to work weekly (usually 15-20), and any additional information about the client.

If you want to find out the class times of the training for the client of your choice, simply click the orange "Select" button to find available class times. Once you click on "Select" you will see a "View Class Times" button. Once you click on "View Class Times" you will be able to see what training class times are still available. If you do not see your preferred class time, it will mean that the class is full for that particular time.


When you are ready to select the client, you will click on the orange "Select" button. Next, click on the blue "View Class Times" button. Next, choose the class time of your choice. Lastly, click enroll.

Once you click enroll for the client opportunity of your choice, you will be to ask to take assessments. There are different types of assessments that you will be required to complete depending on which company you choose. The assessments are short simple and they are designed to test you on the basic skills that you will need to do the job.

​After you have completed your assessments, the system will give you directions on how to complete the next step which is the technical check/pc scan. This technical check/pc scan is done to test your computer to see if your computer is compatible to perform the work for the company that you have chosen to work for.

When you have completed all required assessments and the technical check/pc scan, the system will advise you that you will have 24 hours to pay for your certification training class. After the 24 hour hold time expires, if you have not paid for your course, the system will drop your enrollment. You will need to express interest again in that course if you are still interested. Some opportunities fill up very quickly, so if it is an opportunity that you are truly interested in, please pay for your certification training class within the 24 grace period to avoid missing the opportunity of your choice. The class may or may not be full if you try to express interest in the same class 1 day later. New client opportunities are posted during the week.

NOTE: Some companies will require a drug test and/or a secondary background. To see if a drug test and/or a secondary background check is required, please see the pdf details on the Arise Portal. The pdf details will show if these additional items are required. Beginning  August 

REMINDER: Each client has a section in their Opportunity Announcement that is the “Equipment Needed” section. Here is where you will find what operating system will be accepted in order to service the client. The Opportunity Announcement will tell you if Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating systems will be acceptable for the client of your choice. If you pay for and start a training course and you have the wrong operating system, you will not be refunded. It is EXTREMELY important that BEFORE selecting a client to service to make sure that the technical check/pc scan is done on the computer that you will be servicing on.

We partner with Wahe Equipment Solutions for any of our computer needs. Wahes provides our call center with call center ready computers and equipment. If you need a computer to start you new call center opportunity the link is below.

​ If you have further questions about choosing a client, technical requirements, or where to find the Opportunity Announcement, please contact us at [email protected] or call at 8047354103.